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The Brazilian Association of Independent Festivals (ABRAFIN) was founded in 2005. Thirty-two festivals take part and it is presided over by Fabrício Nobre of the Goiânia Noise Festival (GO-Goiás). Its management is made up of the principal Brazilian independent festivals. The entity was created for the purpose of establishing, organizing and strengthening the Brazilian independent music festivals circuit. The idea is to cover the entire country, presenting new Brazilian music, aesthetically experimental as well as in its traditional manifestations.


Among the criteria for its associates are:

Some of the festivals are financed by their box-office receipts, other by fiscal incentive laws and even sponsoring. The association however has already been criticized for allowing some of its festivals to be linked with fiscal incentive regulations, or exchanges in kind and even sponsoring, which according to its critics lessens its preoccupation with box-office income and therefore would disqualify them as an independent festival since they depend on public funds. Here is a list of the festivals organized by the association members, its cities and dates:


- Humaitá Pra Peixe (January, Rio de Janeiro)

- Humaitá for Fish

- Porto Musical (February, Recife) Musical Harbour

- Recbeat (February, Recife)

- April Pro Rock (April, Recife)

- Eletronika (May, Belo Horizonte)

- Bananada (May, Goiânia)

- Porão do Rock (August, Brasília) — Rock Basement

- Mada (August, Natal/RN)


In this listing are those festivals most tied to rock (Goiânia Noise and April Pro Rock), to electronic music (Eletronika) and Brazilian (Recbeat and Huimaitá Pra Peixe), as well as their respective markets. In this circuit one finds an exchange between attractions from the independent scene in the different states. To bring international performers to Brazil, some of these festivals make deals with producers from São Paulo, sharing the attractions with presentations thus dividing the travel expenses to Brazil. Hardly anyone comes to Brazil without passing through São Paulo.

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